The reality of what most people would be doing on the 4th of July. lol.

    @peytonpclark hey, you won’t know it, but have you saved a life yet?

    Happy 4th of July to all those in the United States of America ~

    HEY HEY HEY Have you heard??? 

    Oh..you have? Well, hear it again cos finally, after such a long  Garrett-like nerve wrecking full-of-anxiety painstaking wait, Disney Channel FINALLY gave us the news that they’ll be renewing I Didn’t Do It for Season 2!! PHEW! What a huge sigh of relief cos every day we hear about other shows, one at a time being renewed and we bite our fingernails hoping for the good news for IDDI too and now we have! Huge huge YAY and Congrats to the cast and crew and their families for this great news! This is a great celebration just in time for the 4th of July and an awesome bday gift for me too hehe… More…. http://wp.me/p44UvO-IF

    "These five actors have an extraordinary bond on screen and off. Our audience loves watching their chemistry as BFFs"

    Here’s the gifparty to commemorate this joyous jubilation!


    This is so true of the teenagers these days. All glued to their mobiles.

    Promotional stills for tonight’s episode of “Phone Challenge”. West Coasters! Tune in at 8:30pm (1.5 hrs time) on Disney Channel! Guest starring Sedona Cohen as Haley, Raymond Ochoa as Kane and the return of Tyler Joe Campbell as Officer Doug! 

    Catch a sneak peek for tonight’s #IDIDNTDOIT Phone Challenge episode starting at 8:30pm on Disney Channel! ~

    Who do you think will break first? @olivia_holt @austinnorth55 @pipercurda @sarahbgilman @peytonpclark?

    Interesting episode premiering tonight! Check out the Phone Challenge episode promo trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. 

    "I’m freaking out, man!" @peytonpclark

     Lol, when have you ever NOT freaked out, Garrett? Haha…

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